Just notes from Opie A commentary on AutoCAD and Civil 3d

Are your templates finished?

No? Don’t worry mine aren’t either. I have several different drawing templates that I use with AutoCAD. Each one is in various stages of completion. I don’t think these templates will ever really be complete.

Of course, once you start a new drawing from a template, your drawing will continue to have those initial settings from that mostly finished template. As you create more and more drawings from these templates, you discover a new setting that just doesn’t work for the drawing any longer. So, you make the change to the current drawing, and the next drawing, and the next. You see where I am going with this?

To help with these changes, I would prefer to automate these changes as much as I can. This is where I utilize a mix of AuoLISP and script files. In a later post I’ll discuss some of these quick tools.

Eventually, you will make these changes to your templates. Until then, we can use the power of AutoLISP to ease the pain.

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